Monday, August 15, 2011

Hooray - I'm Open Again!

Well, my shop is open again! I am very excited to make my creations again. :)

My surgery went well, and I have been recovering nicely! I had an ovary removed and I'm a little sore but overall I'm feeling pretty good. Thanks so much for your patience during this time!

I also got a job recently, and will start tomorrow. I will be working at a Preschool with babies and toddlers. This will be splendid! We have not worked out my hours yet.... but there is a chance this could make me pretty busy. I'll still make my soap orders but I might only be able to ship on Saturdays. We'll see! I'll let you all know in my shop announcements. :)

That's the latest news for now!

Have a delightfully dark week!

~ Soap Witch Heidi