Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Product Coming Soon!

I am in the process of creating a new body butter cream that is absolutely delectable!  It is so wonderful that I just want to jump into my brewing cauldron and swim around in this delicious sweetness!  I hope you will love it too!  

Stay tuned my Dearies!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Have Shipping OCD

Oh gracious.  I do have a terrible case of OCD.  Shipping OCD.  Last week I went to print my shipping labels, and my printer was out of ink.  My husband usually helps me with this but he was at work. What did I do?  I saved all of the labels in a pdf and emailed them to Staples, where they printed them for me.  Then I went and picked them up, taped them on my packages, and took them to the post office.

Then, on President's Day (yesterday) I worked on orders, and wanted to get them finished before the approaching big snow storm.  The post office was closed, the drop boxes were locked shut.  So I took my packages to Staples where a mail truck picks up mail every day at 11:00 am.  As the snow was starting to fall, I got all of my orders to Staples.  And I have my fingers crossed that a mail truck has picked them up today.  I'm glad I decided to do this, because we are snowed in here at home.

My husband thinks I'm batty when it comes to shipping my orders out.  But it is really important to me.  My creations and customers are so very special to me!  I'm so thankful that Staples has helped me out in a pinch!

UPDATE:  Tracking says the packages were picked up today!  Yay!

Our driveway