Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Soaps Coming...

Yesterday I brewed 3 batches of new soaps. They are ready to cut and then will cure for 4 weeks. I made black raspberry soap which has actually turned into a cream color, so I will need to find a clever name. Then I made a chocolate soap and added real cocoa powder, but it smells sort of like card board at this point. So we shall see how it turns out in 4 weeks. If it turns out as good as planned, I will name that Death By Chocolate Soap. My 3rd batch of soap is a creamy white soap scented with white tea & ginger. The scent has really held up in this soap so far, I will name this Good Witch Soap. I am hoping these batches turn out okay and then I will add them to my shop. In the meantime I am working on some new body cream ideas as well. I also have lip balm in the works, and some more potions to come. Keep an eye on my shop for my latest bewitching (and possibly bewildering) creations!

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